CAT6 Power-Over-Ethernet

Edco CAT6-POE Series
CAT6 Power-Over-Ethernet

The Edco CAT6-POE Series is designed to work on Category 6 Power-Over-Ethernet transmission line applications and is ideal for protecting expensive computer and video equipment from damaging surges and transients.

Transmission lines provide easy access for transients to enter a facility putting vital equipment at risk. The Edco CAT6-POE-I is available with an isolated ground to be used at the equipment end in order to prevent circulating ground currents.

Up to four Edco CAT6-POEs can be installed using optional Edco C6-MP4 mounting bracket, (Sold Separately).

  • Exceeds Category 6 transmission values
  • Three stage hybrid circuit
  • DC over ethernet all pins
  • Optional mounting bracket
  • 5 year warranty
Part Number CAT6-POE CAT6-POE-I
Operating Voltage 48 VDC
DC Breakover Voltage 68 VDC
Operating Current 0.75 Amps per Pin Continuous
Peak Surge Current 10kA
Insertion Loss < 0.1 dB
Topology Two Port Series
Modes of Protection All Lines (1-8) Protected (L-L) and (L-G)
Signal High-Low; High-Ground; Low-Ground
Transmission Speeds 10BaseT; 100BaseT; 1000BaseT
SPD Technology GDT; PTC; SAD
Input/Output Connection RJ-45 Jacks (Shielded) RJ-45 Jacks (Isolated)
CAT 5 Output Cable Shielded RJ-45, 7.0 (.18M) Unshielded RJ-45, 7.0 (.18M)
Ground Terminal 10-32 Stud 10-32 Stud (Isolated)
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Dimensions 5.4(L) x 1.6(W) x 1.7(H)
Material Aluminum
Mounting Flange
Weight 5 oz
Certification UL 497B Listed, Tested to IEC 802.11
Warranty 5 Years
Technical Specification
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