Transient Detection System


Transient Detection System

Integrated within the 500 & 400 Series
Surge Protective Devices

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Emerson Network Power offers a wide range of power quality solutions designed to protect and optimize your critical infrastructure. These solutions include the industry’s most sophisticated surge protection designs, plus a long history of unsurpassed performance. This proven technology is now enhanced with a state-of-the-art advanced Transient Detection System with multiple, web-based interfaces for remote power quality monitoring and intelligent data collection.

  • Power Quality – Ability to monitor voltage at every connected panel and track system anomalies such as transients, surges, swells and VTHDs.
  • Real Time Measurements – Allows over 1000 events/reports to be stored for future analysis.
  • Event Logging – User configurable alarm thresholds, time/date stamp, duration and magnitude of events.
  • Communications – Information easily accessed through the Ethernet or MODBUS TCP/RTU communication systems.
  • Embedded Web Page – Convenient access to present and past data right at the device.
  • System Analysis – Manage power system with statistical summaries and reporting software.
  • Easy Installation
    Integrated directly within the 570, 560, 510, 460 or 440 surge protection devices. The optional remote monitoring panel allows the user display to be mounted in custom locations.
  • User-Friendly Display
    Equipped with an easy to read 128x64 pixel LCD display screen. Capacitive touch navigation buttons provide access to over 25 informational data display screens.
  • SPD Health Status
    Health of the SPD is continually monitored and percent protection available for each phase recorded and communicated.
  • System Compatibility
    Fully integrates into ASCO 5700 and 5900 family of PowerQuest products.
  • Warranty 
    10-Years — Surge Protective Device Only

    5-Years Labor — Surge Protective Device/Transient Detection System

​ ​general specifications
Voltage ​Phase A, B, & C
​Accuracy ±1%​
Range​ ​0-600V
​Average, Unbalance, Crest Factor Standard
Frequency Per Phase + Total
​Accuracy ±1%​​
Range​ ​45-67Hz
Range 850Hz
Harmonics L-N, L-L
Range Fundamental - 13th
RMS ±1%
SPD Health Status​ ​Percent Remaining
​I/O ​Standard
​Relay Outputs ​1:2 Form-C
​RJ-45 Port ​Ethernet
​Terminals (#24-#14) ​RS-485 Communication
​Events ​Power Quality and System
​Event Logging ​1000+ Events
Surge, Sag, Swell, Phase Loss/Outage, Temporary Over Voltage (TOV), Voltage Interruption/Dropout, Neutral Bond, Voltage Harmonics (VTHD), Over/Under Frequency, Protection Failure​ Standard​
​Date/Time Stamp with Duration/Magnitude ​Standard - All Events
Surge Counter, Sag Counter, Swell Counter, w/reset ​Standard
Display​ ​LCD 128x64
​Communications ​RS-485, MODBUS TCP/RTU, Ethernet, SNMP, SMTP, Form C
Embedded Webpage​ ​Standard
 Technical Specification

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Transient Detection System