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Surge Protection


High-speed data links between buildings or one part of a plant to another have become more common with the widespread use of smart transmitters and the increase in unmanned installations. Our surge protection devices are suitable for all process I/O applications with a choice of low resistance units, high bandwidth, and a variety of voltage variants.

Designed to conveniently protect 8 wire, low voltage data circuits. It employs two RJ-45 jacks for easy installation.
Designed to work on Category 5 Power-Over-Ethernet transmission lines as well as Category 6 applications. Ideal for protecting expensive equipment against surges and transients entering a building on exposed transmission lines.
An access control protection module designed for typical Wiegand outputs for access devices.
The DCB Series protects and provides unparalleled performance in power protection for critical equipment.
An economical method of protecting circuitry associated with 120VAC interconnect signal lines commonly used in traffic control systems.
A single-pair cube implementing three-stage hybrid technology.
The  Edco SRS-BIU-15 is a 15 pin surge suppressor used for protection of all devices on Port 1 Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC).
The Edco HVCP Series is a hybrid surge protection product featuring DC power, data and video protection in one package.