DRS Series (AC Power)

DRS Series (AC Power)
Modular, DIN-Rail-mounted SPD for
AC Panel Boards and Control Panels
The Emerson Network Power DRS is a Modular Surge Protective Device (SPD) that is designed for easy installation in existing AC panelboards and control panels using standard DIN rail mounting brackets. The DRS devices offer both normal and common surge protection up to 40 kA per phase.
  • Built-in thermal components disconnect  SPD from the power source to avoid thermal runaway conditions
  • MOV only or MOV+Gas Tube models available
  • Fast response time, high surge current capability, low voltage protection levels
  • Visual inspection window on each module indicates status
  • 5 year warranty
  • Effectively handles high-energy transients on TT, TN-C, TN-S and TN-C-S three-phase power systems
  • SPD rated Type 2 in accordance with EN 61643-11; Class I & II in accordance with IEC 61643-1
  • 3-pole terminal provides remote status monitoring
  • DIN rail mounting and plug-in module design allow for easy installation, maintenance and replacement of surge element
 Electrical Characteristics  DRS12031 DRS23031 DRS27731 DRS34631
System Voltage 120/208, 127/220 VAC 230/400, 220/380,
240/415 VAC
 277/480, 254/440 VAC  346/600 VAC
Type of Network TT-TN TT-TN TT-TN TT-TN
Modes of Protection L-N; N-PE  L-N; N-PE  L-N; N-PE L-N; N-PE
Nominal Voltage Un-120 V

Un-230 V

 Un-277 V Un-346 V
Rated Voltage (MCOV) Uc-150 V Uc-320 V Uc-320 V

Uc-420 V

Nominal Discharge Current (8x20M) lmax-40 kA lmax-40 kA lmax-40 kA lmax-40 kA
Voltage Protection Level Up-1.2 kV Up-1.6 kV Up-1.6 kV Up-2.0 kV
Response Time TS-25 ns TS-25 ns TS-25 ns TS-25 ns
Relative Humidity 95% 95% 95% 95%
Isolation Resistance Risol
> 103 MV
> 103 MV
> 103 MV
> 103 MV



Test Standards  
EN 61643-11 Type 2
IEC61643-1:1998-02 Class II
Mechanical Characteristics  
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 70.8mm x 90.5mm x 68mm
I/O Connections

By Screw Terminal: 4-25mm2

By Connection Bus

MOV Encapsulation Material Epoxy Resin
Disconnection Indicator Mechanical Indicator
Status Monitoring Remote Alarm Terminals
Mounting Symmetrical Rail (EN50022/DIN46277-3)
Operation Temperature Range

-40°C to +85°C

Degree of Protection IP20
Disconnection Device Thermal Cutoff System
Housing Material ABS/PA UL94V0


Technical Specification

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