Employ an Efficient and Flexible Room-Based Design

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Employ an Efficient and Flexible Room-Based Design

Continuous transformation of your data center infrastructure is paramount to meeting the pressures of optimizing availability, efficiency and control.

Emerson Network Power's SmartDesign approach helps simplify data center design by applying best-of-breed power, cooling and management technologies to create an integrated, highly efficient, perimeter / room-based infrastructure.

The SmartDesign approach leverages data center best practices and proven configurations to ensure your data center is operating optimally and cost effectively.

In-market Data Center Infrastructure Specialists provide high reliability and efficiency by simplifying physical infrastructure decisions. These local experts apply the SmartDesign solution's data center best practices and leading technologies to solve your challenges.

What customers are saying

"We needed a data center that provides the uptime we demand, yet facilitates our nimbleness. Emerson Network Power helped us design and configure a data center infrastructure which delivered the availability, efficiency and capacity we needed for our critical, yet fast growing organization. With the help of local experts, we were able to develop and deploy smart, innovative and reliable power, cooling and monitoring solutions for our 65,000 square feet of operations."

- Rene LeBlanc, Critial Facilities Manager, Go Daddy, Phoenix Arizona

Future-friendly infrastructure solutions.
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Smart Solutions
Intelligent, Integrated Infrastructure for the Data Center 
Smart Solutions help you cost-effectively achive higher levels of efficiency, availability, and capacity.