Knurr MasterConsole KVM Switch


Knurr MasterConsole KVM Switch

Equipment for Centralized Control of Multiple Servers

Knurr MasterConsole KVM switches are units used to provide centralized control and administration of multiple servers. Individual models control 4, 8 or 16 servers and the switches can be cascaded in such a way that users can administer up to 256 servers. The solution provides USB support, and functions with the leading server types: PC, Sun®, Mac®, Alpha, RS/6000, HP/9000, SGI and serial-controlled devices. . The solution is compatible with all combinations of computers that run with Windows NT, Windows 2000, Novell NetWare®, Solaris, UNIX or Linux.

System components

MasterConsole II

  • Enables access for a single user to up to 256 servers by cascading several units
  • Password protection integrated
  • Offers selection of 3 models:
    • MCC4 for up to 4 servers
    • MCC8 for up to 8 servers
    • MCC16 for up to 16 server

MasterConsole MXU2

  • Enables access for 2 simultaneous users to up to 128 servers by cascading several units
  • Connection of the 2nd user is made via a Cat5 e-cable and enables a remote access over a distance of up to 300 metres (with the URKVMG model receiver at a remote workstation).
  • Saves up to 120 usernames and profiles:
    • MXU28 for up to 8 servers
    • MXU216 for up to 16 servers