Knurr CommandCenter NOC


Knurr CommandCenter NOC

High Grade Network Management Systems for Optimum Equipment Performance

Knurr CommandCenter NOC integrate high-grade network and system management, traffic analyses, vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, asset management and reporting functionalities in an easy to set up appliance. The units subject the user’s IT infrastructure to continuous testing and consequently ensure the availability of the applications and an optimization of the resources. This provides a decisive minimization of network failures, degradation, performance slowdowns, security gaps and external attacks on the system. The devices also provide IT decision-makers with sound and proven information for implementing IT compliance tactics and strategies.

External service providers, such as MSPs (managed service providers) or consultants can also monitor your IT environment.

  • Network management proactive monitoring and maintenance of all devices and services of a network and alarm function with changes within the IT environment
  • Windows system management enables network administrators to manage servers and workstations using a single repository for performance, inventory and event data
  • Vulnerability scanning and assessment enables network administrators to manage   servers and workstations using a single repository for performance, inventory and event data
  • Intrusion detection administrators can monitor and analyse unauthorised access attempts to the system resources
  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • Analysis of traffic flow and compilation of reports on the presence, quantity, direction and frequency of data traffic
  •  Asset Inventory and Tracking Ad-hoc inventory reports on hardware and software