Knurr DI-STRIP Safety Basic


Knurr DI-STRIP Safety Basic

Power Distribution Units for an array of Applications

  • For protecting against transient overvoltages from the mains, which, for example, are caused by switching machines on and off.
  • With critical overvoltages the mains is separated.
  • Once the safety arrester has been triggered the green function display goes out. The socket strip can then no longer be used. Send the socket strip o the manufacturer for the safety arrester to be replaced! The safety effect of the type 3 test category and requirements category “D” is to protect the equipment, i.e. precision protection. The protection devices of the test and requirements categories 1 and 2 and B and C must be preconnected in the building installation to ensure optimum protection.
  • 19” installation option (with length 483 mm)
  • Socket rotation: 45°
  • Cable: H05VV-F 3G 1.5 mm²
  • Moulded right angle plug
  • Features

    Material / Finish

    • Casing: closed sheet steel extrusion, zincplated, powder-coated texture
    • Plastic parts: Vampamid 6 0024 VO (UL94), recyclable
    • Internal conductor: full-length busbar, brass


    • Socket spacing: 50 mm
    • Height: 45.5 mm
    • Casing width: 44.4 mm (= 1 HU)


    • CE Label in accordance with low voltage directive 2006/95/EEC EMC Directive 2006/108/EEC
    • Innova-GS
    • CB-scheme
    • VDE


    • Final digit of order number .1:
      • RAL 7035 light-grey
    • Final digit of order number .6:
      • Casing, RAL 2003, pastel orange
    • Plastic parts: RAL 7035 light-grey

    Technical Data

    • Test category: Type 3
      • In acc. with DIN EN 61643-11
    • Feature class: D
      • In acc. with VDE 0675-6
    • Mains voltage: 230 VAC
    • Nominal current: max. 16 A
    • Cut-off discharge current (8/20 ?s): 10 kA
    • Reaction time: ‹ 25 ns
    • Protection level (with 100 A varistor peak current):
      • L with respect to N: ‹ 800 V
      • L/N with respect to PE: ‹ 1500 V


    • Socket strip modules can be easily combined using plug-in connections.
    • Multiple configurations available

    Higher Availability:

    • Plug field protected with raised casing edges.
    • High stability and torsional strenght provided through closed sheet steel casing.
    • Full power for all connected equipment due to full-length brass busbar.

    Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership:

    • Simple and quick installation on the rack´s extrusion, resulting in a cost reduction in installation and wiring.

    Ideally Suited For:

    • Data centers
    • Network equipment
    • Telecommunications equipment
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