Knurr DI-STRIP Safety Standard


Knurr DI-STRIP Safety Standard

Power Distribution Units for an array of Applications

  • The “Safety Standard” models consist of a combined overvoltage protection/mains filter element.
  • For protecting against transient overvoltages from the mains, which, for example, are caused by switching machines on and off.
  • With critical overvoltages the mains is separated.
  • Once the safety arrester has been triggered the green function display goes out. The socket strip can then no longer be used. Send the socket strip to the manufacturer for the safety arrester to be replaced!
  • The safety effect of the type 3 test category and requirements category “D” is to protect the equipment, i.e. precision protection. The protection devices of the test and requirements categories 1 and 2 and B and C must be preconnected in the building installation to ensure optimum protection.
  • High-frequency glitches are generally caused by switching processes in an operation from 100 kHz to 5MHz.
  • This high-frequency rate overloads the mains frequency and affects adjacent electronic equipment. The mains filter attenuates this high-frequency rate.
  • The attenuation behaviour is harmonized with the typical interference spectrum.
  • 19” installation option (with length 483 mm)
  • Socket rotation: 45°
  • Cable: H05VV-F 3G 1.5 mm²
  • Moulded right angle plug
  • Features

    Material / Finish

    • Casing: closed sheet steel extrusion, zincplated, powder-coated texture
    • Plastic parts: Vampamid 6 0024 VO (UL94), recyclable
    • Internal conductor: full-length busbar, brass


    • Socket spacing: 50 mm
    • Height: 45.5 mm
    • Casing width: 44.4 mm (= 1 HU)
    • Cable: 2.5 m


    • CE Label in accordance with low voltage directive 2006/95/EEC EMC Directive 2006/108/EEC
    • Innova-GS
    • CB-scheme
    • VDE


    • Final digit of order number .1:
      • RAL 7035 light-grey
    • Final digit of order number .6:
      • Casing, RAL 2003, pastel orange
    • Plastic parts: RAL 7035 light-grey

    Technical Data

    • Mains voltage: 230 VAC
    • Nominal current: max. 16 A
    • Cut-off discharge current (8/20 ?s): 10 kA
    • Reaction time: ‹ 25 ns
    • Protection level (with 100 A varistor peak current):
      • L with respect to N: ‹ 800 V
      • L/N with respect to PE: ‹ 1500 V
    • Overvoltage protection
      • Test category: Type 3 in acc. with DIN EN61643-11
      • Feature class: D
      • In acc. with VDE 0675-6 Mains filter
      • In acc. with VDE 0565 (EN 60939)


    • Socket strip modules can be easily combined using plug-in connections.
    • Multiple configurations available

    Higher Availability:

    • Plug field protected with raised casing edges.
    • High stability and torsional strenght provided through closed sheet steel casing.
    • Full power for all connected equipment due to full-length brass busbar.

    Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership:

    • Simple and quick installation on the rack´s extrusion, resulting in a cost reduction in installation and wiring.

    Ideally Suited For:

    • Data centers
    • Network equipment
    • Telecommunications equipment
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