Knurr atLock Software


Knurr atLock Software

Software Configuration for @Lock Swing Handles

Knurr@Lock software provides the interface that allows users to control and configure @Lock swing handles. Using this software, administrators can create access codes and HID cards, and assign users. Handles can be controlled in real-time from the software platform, and all actions directly related with the swing handles are stored in an SQL database.

Technical Data

  • MS Windows 2000/NT etc.
  • SQL database
  • TCP/IP network connection to the swing handles
  • The number of handles and gateways is only restricted by the capacity of the computer
  • Communication with swing handle via server (gateways) or directly with @Lock Swing Handle, IP


  • Stand-alone administration programme for the @Lock system
  • Requires max. 3-4 seconds for a status update
  • Administration of users and rights
  • Administration of HID cards, opening of active keys and access codes, closing, activation or deactivation of swing handles
  • Observation of authorised and unauthorised access attempts
  • Recording of all events connected with swing handles
  • Central observation of swing handle
  • Combination of all swing handles and servers
  • Events recording
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