Knurr atLock Network Junction Box


Knurr atLock Network Junction Box

Equipment for Switching Swing Handles of HID Series Units

Knurr@lock network junction box is a required building block for a @lock HID solution. Junction boxes are used to consecutively switch swing handles of HID series units and connect with a server. The junction boxes have three ports - input, module, and output. Input ports are connected with output ports of the previous junction box, and the input port of the first junction box is connected to the server. Module ports are connected via a CN2001 cable with the reader module of the HID series. Output ports are connected with input ports of the next junction box strand, and if the junction box is the last of the strand, the termination pull-up resistor is attached to the output port.

Technical Data

  • Operating voltage, 12V DC/throughput current, 1.5 A max.
  • 3 outputs, modular plug, 8p/8c (RJ45)
  • 1 input, DC socket with 2.1 mm pin
  • Earthing screw, M4, earth connected with GND


  • @Lock electrical connection
  • Lightening and overvoltage protection module
  • EMC fault attenuation
  • Installation simplification
  • Voltage connection (with circuit breaker)
  • Interconnection of HID equipment
  • HID equipment power supply
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