Knurr CoolServe


Knurr CoolServe

High-Performance Heat Exchangers For Closed Server Racks

Knurr CoolServe is a heat exchanger (air-to-water) with 19" technology for effectively channeling heat loads out of closed server racks.

The airflow is adapted to the server cooling, so that the warm server outlet air is taken in at the rear of the CoolServe. A high-performance heat exchanger takes the heat out of the air and transfers it to the cold water system. The cooled air is then guided to the front of the CoolServe in front of the 19” level of the server rack. The system is equipped with redundant ventilators, feed (A and B feed) and mains components for internal power supply, similar to the installed servers.

The internal rack temperature is regulated via a cooling water regulating valve, and in order to save energy, only the amount of cooling water that is actually required to extract the rack heat is routed by the high-performance heat exchanger. The server intake air temperature serves as the regulating parameter.

  • Optimum adjustment as required to the components to be installed with the vertical or horizontal installation position of the slot-in unit.
  • The electronic module can be taken out at the front, and therefore enables easy access to the internal components.
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