Intelligent Cold Aisle Containment Platform

Data Center Efficiency Management Platform

SmartAisle consists of Knurr racks, Liebert row-based or perimeter precision cooling systems with Liebert iCOM controls, temperature and airflow sensors, swinging or sliding doors, and either a flat plexiglass ceiling or curtain. SmartAisle cools up to 30 kVA per rack, based cooling method and configuration.

  • Intelligent Cold-Aisle Containment Solution
  • Provides energy savings of 30+%
  • Allows 30+% increase in IT equipment density
  • Employs Knurr racks, Liebert precision cooling with iCOM controls


  • A broad selection of components to fit site needs now, and grow with IT operations.
  • Variety of options for doors and ceiling to suit site and budget.
  • Retrofit to existing racks, or build to suit.
  • Compatible with raised or non-raised floors.

Higher Availability

  • 30+% increase in IT equipment density.
  • 25+% increase in available cooling capacity.
  • Liebert iCOM controls enhance system reliability and efficiency.

Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership

  • Energy efficient system offers payback within a few months to less than two years.
  • Leverage existing cooling infrastructure, existing racks.
  • Containment components are easy to install, and fit through standard doorways.

Ideally Suited For

  • Hot aisle/Cold aisle applications
  • Raised floor data centers with perimeter cooling
  • Non-raised floor data centers using row-based Liebert CRV precision cooling systems
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