Liebert Challenger M+


Liebert Challenger M+

Versatile Precision Cooling System With 20kW-100kW Cooling Capacity

The Liebert Challenger M+ is a versatile precision cooling system that provides 20kW~100kW cooling capacity.

Incorporating the same quality and reliability that has become synonymous with the Liebert name, the Challenger M+ range utilizes the same technology system components and manufacturing processes to provide the new standard for precision environmental air-conditioning. The five design criteria, which have been achieved in the Challenger M+ range, include energy efficiency, improved flexibility, large product range, superior serviceability, and superior reliability.


  • Switch center and mobile equipment rooms
  • Computer rooms and Internet Data Centers
  • High-tech environments and laboratories
  • Industrial control centers and precision manufacturing centers
  • Precision test and calibration centers
  • UPS and battery rooms
  • Biological laboratories
  • Hospitals and medical diagnostic rooms
  • V-configuration cooling coil
  • Specific dehumidification cycle
  • High efficiency scroll compressor
  • Electrode humidifier
  • High sensible heat ratio
  • Large LCD display graphs and control menu for convenient system management
  • Standard RS232 communications port
  • Compact system with small foot print
  • Front access for convenient maintenance
  • Innovative belt auto-adjusting configuration can reduce system wear and ensures long life
  • Air, water, glycol and chilled water configurations are available to meet field conditions
  • Optional S72.4 monitoring software is able to monitor up to 99 units
  • Optional Link-Up field monitor can monitor up to 24 units that form operational and standby groups
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