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ASCO PowerQuest 32.15
Power Interface Software

PC-Based Monitoring and Control for Your Power Transfer Systems

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ASCO POWERQUEST® 32.15 Power Interface Software

The ASCO 32.15 Power Interface is a computer-based monitoring and control software package. When combined with ASCO 72E/72A Communications Interface modules and the ASCO 5200 SERIES Power Manager, it provides a centralized and comprehensive monitoring and control interface of power transfer switches and engine generators. A one-line diagram, power metering information, transfer switch controls and event-log data, and engine-generator screens are available to users with password protected controls.

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FeaturesProduct Features

  • Monitors and controls Power Transfer Switches and Engine Generators
  • Monitors normal and emergency voltages and frequency
  • Indicates transfer switch position and source availability
  • Provides transfer and re-transfer of loads for system testing
  • View normal and emergency voltage and frequency settings
  • View transfer switch time-delay settings
  • Provides transfer switch rating and identification
  • General automatic E-mail notifications when any of the following occur:
    • Retransfer to Normal Source
    • Transfer to Emergency
    • Normal Source becomes Unavailable
    • Emergency Source becomes Unavailable
    • Engine Start Signal becomes active
    • Any of the 8 Configurable Discrete Input Alarms becomes active
  • View current, power and power factor with ASCO Power Managers Connected to the System
  • View transfer switch event log
  • Provides transfer switch test schedule
OptionsThe 32.15 Power Interface offers two options of connectivity.

  1. Ethernet
    This option offers you the ability to have an Ethernet network.  A 72E (Cat. 5150) is required for each transfer switch and engine generator. 
  2. Serial, RS-485
    This option allows transfer switches to be daisy-chained and directly connected to a computers serial port. 
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