Emerson | ASCO 5950 Power Control System Management

ASCO 5950 Power Control
System Management

Reliable Monitoring, Control and
Test Reporting for ASCO 7000
Power Control Systems

The industrial grade touch screen provides a comprehensive interface to your entire power control system. It extracts critical system information from various ASCO products, generator-sets, breakers, and other third-party devices, while giving the operator the ability of changing system settings and access to control functions. Three-levels of password security are provided for flexible control tier assignments.


Product Features

  • Customization – all interface screens is tailored to your specific power control system.
  • E-Mail Notifications – Alarms and conditions can be reported via E-Mail.
  • Remote Transfer Test Operation – remotely perform transfer test operation on individual switches.
  • Building Management System Integration – extract system data in Modbus/TCP or RTU protocol for 3rd party building monitoring systems.
  • Flexibility – compatible with ASCO 5350 Remote Annunciator for distributed building monitoring.
  • Remote Management – multiple 5950s can be distributed throughout the campus providing operator’s the convenience of monitoring the power system from an office or different buildings.
    Option 1: 22” Remote Desktop Computer

    Option 2: 17” Industrial Touch Screen Computer

    Option 3: 42” Industrial Touch Screen Computer


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