NetXtend PDC Series with NTI Technology


NetXtend PDC Series with NTI Technology

Power Distribution and TVSS Protection Integrated into One Unit

Power Distribution & TVSS in one Seamless Unit. Now Available with Automatic Transfer Switch for Generator Applications The Power Distribution Cabinet (PDC) series brings power distribution and transient voltage surge protection together in an integrated product solution.

With Northern Technologies’ new patent pending V3 SHIELD™ Technology, the PDC provides the lowest possible clamp voltage to peak current performance characteristics available in the market today. The new V3 SHIELD™ Technology provides peak pulse current handling far in excess of traditional "fused TVSS" devices. 

Utilizing Silicon Avalanche Diode (SAD) technology, the PDC series provides state-of-the-art protection at the branch service entrance. With a 30 or 42 position load center, the PDC series accommodates a broad range of wiring options, and the main disconnect provides convenient serviceability and maintenance. The PDC series also accommodates generator switching. Options available include the Automatic Transfer Switch or the Walking Beam Transfer Switch.
As a stand-alone solution, or as part of a comprehensive power protection plan, the PDC series provides you with the ultimate in power delivery and power protection.
  • V3 SHIELD™ Technology adds thermal protection at the "board level" eliminating thermal runaway
  • V3 SHIELD™ Technology allows actual peak pulse current to be handled by the suppression module
  • 30 or 42 position load center options provide wiring configuration flexibility
  • Fully redundant, two-stage surge suppression provides unmatched power protection
  • Main disconnect switch for utility and optional generator sources allows easy serviceability
  • Optional Automatic Transfer Switch or Walking Beam Transfer Switch provides generator source capabilities
  • SAD technology provides fast clamping and high energy handling
  • Remote Status Indication allows long-distance monitoring
  • Independent visual LED status indication on each module for convenient protection status
  • Integrated design minimizes "footprint," maximizes system performance, and reduces installation time
  • Easy access design simplifies module upgrades or replacement
  • Field replaceable modules are now stacked side-by-side for easier installation and indication
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