NetReach DSLAM XC Series

NetReach DSLAM XC Series

Integrated DSLAM & Cross-Connect Solution

These enclosures integrate a protective, ventilated compartment for weather-hardened DSLAM electronics with a weather-sealed compartment for cross connect (XC) fields in a single enclosure. NetReach™ DSLAM XC cabinets simplify and reduce the cost of broadband deployment.

NetReach™ DSLAM XC series cabinets are available in two configurations: a top-and-bottom arrangement for pole mounting and a back-to-back configuration for pad mounting. Both configurations feature a free-breathing chamber for weather-hardened DSLAM electronics, and a separate sealed chamber for cross connect fields. Configurations to support AC-powered or line-powered DLSAMs are offered. Total cross connect pair capacities of the pole-mount units range from 400 to 800 pairs. Pad-mount pair capacities range from 400 to 1800 pairs.

  • DSLAM and cross connect (XC) chambers are housed in a single cabinet–reduces deployment costs and simplifies transition to digital services
  • Free-breathing, chamber for DSLAM units–provides necessary air flow, protects units from vandalism, allows craft separation
  • Weather-tight cabinet for XC fields–door gaskets restrict moisture and airborne particles; accommodates Emerson RLS or URLS connection blocks
  • Same terminal block style for both POTS and DSL–flexibility to assign available pairs to either service
  • Line or AC power feed configurations– utilize the available local sources to power the DSLAM units or feed remotely
  • Pole or pad-mount options– reduce site restrictions and accommodate varying amounts of contained equipment
  • Emerson RLS or URLS terminal blocks–moisture resistant IDC termination provides years of trouble-free field service
  • Drop-down, removable cross connect terminal fields–simplify cable feeding and splicing