Liebert Microface

Liebert Microface

Standard Control For Air Conditioners

Liebert Microface is a standard control for air conditioners. Its advanced features secure energy savings and system optimization.

Microface is made of a microprocessor board (on the electrical panel) and a user interface with a back-lit 3-digit + symbols display. The simple Service display ensures a reliable and flexible unit control. Symbols and codes indicate operating status and alarms. It enables the full set-up of the unit providing the programming of room temperature and humidity thresholds for local monitoring (standard alarms include high/low temperature and humidity, fan failure, high/low refrigerant pressure, heater over-temperature). It incorporates a sequential auto-restart timer to allow phased units restart after power failure. It offers Volt-free contacts available for simple remote monitoring of alarms.

  • Microface display
  • Network up to 16 air conditioners
  • Autosetting
  • Sequential auto-restart timer
  • Volt-free contact
  • Real-time clock data record
  • Up to sixteen air conditioners can be easily linked together on a network to provide teamwork mode, stand-by operation and duty cycling without additional hardware.
AccessoriesLiebert AC4 and AC8
Autochangeover Controllers

  • Autochangeover for precision cooling units
  • Balances system runtime for even component wear
  • Controls up to 8 cooling systems

Liebert Liqui-tect
Two Channel Leak Detection System

  • Two zone leak detection monitor
  • Monitors up to 5000 feet of leak detection cable in each zone
  • Measures and reports distance of leak from monitor
  • Monitors leaks below the floor, above the ceiling, or at the room perimeter

Liebert Nform Enterprise Edition
Centralized Monitoring Software

  • Centralized monitoring and control of SNMP devices through existing NMS
  • Provides email alerts and local notifications
  • Allows user defined automated shutdown
  • Offers an ideal solution for large businesses

Liebert SiteScan Web
Centralized Monitoring and Control


  • Centralized site monitoring
  • Provides real-time monitoring and control
  • Allows alarm/event management
  • Operates compatibly with existing Building Management Systems

Liebert SiteLink
Communication Interface

  • Communication interface between Liebert units and existing BMS
  • Integrates 4 or 12 units into a single device
  • Communicates with Liebert SiteScan Web or Modbus

Liebert SiteLink-E
Communication Interface

  • Communication interface between Liebert/Emerson protocols and existing BMS
  • Integrates 4 or 12 units into a single device
  • Supports Modbus or BACnet

Liebert IntelliSlot 485
Interface Card

  • Liebert equipment interface card
  • Operates with industry standard "Open" protocol
  • Communicates with Liebert SiteScan Web software
  • Provides remote alarm notification
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