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Chloride PPVis Software

Remote monitoring of AC, DC Apodys and Securys UPS.

The PowerProtect Vision (PPVis) software package is a PC software tool for a deep insight and analysis of the industrial range of DC battery chargers and AC UPS.

PowerProtect Vision is a windows based software solution that is fully flexible to customers' UPS monitoring needs. A complete package of supervision tools enables us to provide our clients with the most advanced UPS remote monitoring solution. This includes:

  • The synoptic view of the UPS system.
  • The real-time visualisation of the UPS measures, status, warnings and alarms.
  • The capability to monitor battery chargers, inverters and complete UPS systems with the same software.
  • The possibility to connect up to 31 converter modules on one single computer of the PC type.
  • The permanent data storage opportunity for later data analysis.

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