Liebert iCOM


Liebert iCOM

Control system for Liebert Precision Cooling Systems

The Liebert iCOM control system featured on Liebert Precision Cooling products brings high-level supervision to multiple units, allowing up to 32 cooling units to work together as a single system to optimize room performance. Liebert iCOM controls offer a variety of advantages, including increased system energy efficiency, availability and flexibility.


  • Controls unit fan speed and humidity to optimize cooling and environment – dynamic fan speed and dew point control for cooling efficiency
  • Maximizes cooling equipment “teamwork” operation and load sharing for energy efficient operation – rotate operation of team daily, weekly or monthly to balance run hours and maximize system life
  • Manages data center “zones”  to  optimize cooling – establish zones for non-homogeneous heat loads, contained areas, and localized high density areas
  • Ensures continuous operation with auto-changeover  to standby unit in case of primary unit shutdown – no additional equipment is required for lead/lag units


  • Displays detailed, real-time information to keep you informed of unit  performance – includes current cooling and humidification status, setpoints, current and recent alarms, and health
  • On-unit or central screens available with the level of support required for the protected space
  • Compatible with centralized monitoring and control platforms – Liebert IntelliSlot Web or 485 cards  enable monitoring through Liebert SiteScan or a Building Management System

Predictive Wellness/Maintenance

  • Enhances reliability with predictive analysis of components and performance – advance notice allows proactive management of system maintenance
  • Event logs store the last 400 messages to enrich unit history and enhance support

Service and Spare Parts History

  • On-board service history allows prompt access to records for service personnel
  • On-board spare parts list provides convenient identification of  the appropriate unit spare parts and part numbers for faster service and support
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Sample Screenshots

Liebert DS Downflow iCOM

Service Wellness Monitor
Liebert DS Downflow iCOM

Service Diary Monitor

Liebert Challenger iCOM

Main View (Graphical)

Main View (Simple)