Software Accessories


Software Accessories

MultiLink Advanced, version 3.5 - Detailed Power Monitoring, Automated Shutdown

MultiLink version 3.5, is a scalable network power protection solution. Companies can run MultiLink on one machine to monitor power and ensure a unattended shutdown in the event of an extended power failure. In the one-on-one configuration, MultiLink will monitor a serially connected UPS or an SNMP-enabled UPS over the network. MultiLink can also be upgraded to support unique needs.

MultiLink Network Administration Licenses allow  companies to monitor multiple UPS units and remotely configure other installations of MultiLink throughout the network. Purchasing the MultiLink Network Shutdown License allows companies to efficiently manage power protection on a larger UPS by running MultiLink on one computer and using that computer to coordinate the shutdown of other computers throughout your network.

Compatible Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows NT/2000/Server 2003/XP/98/ME, AIX, Linux, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Novell Netware

MultiLink Version 1.5 - Automated shutdown for multiple OS

The MultiLink solution works with UPS systems to provide a simple, easy-to-configure computer protection solution in a multi-platform networked environment. From a single workstation to a network of servers, MultiLink allows companies to monitor the UPS status and manage the automatic orderly shutdown of designated computers if a power outage ever exceeds the battery capacity of the UPS.

Compatible Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows NT/2000/Server 2003/XP/95/98/ME, AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Linux, Novell Netware

Super Switch provides rapid switching between two independent AC power sources, for uninterrupted operation of critical electronic equipment. Super switch proven power switching technology allows dual AC power paths all the way up to the critical load, for better AC power system redundancy, power availability and fault tolerance.


NetCom allows Flexible monitoring from any point of the network with its embedded web Server

System detectability. It automatically detects the model of UPS without the need to install any proprietary UPS monitoring software package. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) software gets down-loaded automatically.

Multiple UPS systems can be monitored from single or multiple locations. NMS integration allows users to program the card to send critical SNMP traps from critical UPS alarms to the Network Management Console.

UPS interface multiplexer

When used in conjunction with MultiLink software, the SiteNet Multiport multiplexing units communicate the On Battery and Low Battery status of a single UPS to multiple PC's, servers, or workstations utilizing dedicated wiring. The Multiport 8 is a hardware interface box that provides shutdown communication capability to multiple computer systems using the same UPS. Each unit can support up to eight computer systems and these units can be daisy-chained together to accommodate more than eight systems. The Multiport 4 provides UPS communications to four additional computer systems attached to a single UPS. The Multiport 4 supports UPS systems equipped with the Intellislot communication port and is user-installable and hot-swappable.