Liebert MultiLink Automated Shutdown Software


Liebert MultiLink Automated Shutdown Software

Advanced Monitoring and System Shutdown for UPS Systems

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Liebert MultiLink automated shutdown software is the perfect complement to a Liebert UPS system, preventing unexpected server shutdowns and minimizing downtime. The software provides unattended, orderly shutdown for one computer or many, and is especially effective with large server farms. Available for most popular operating systems, Liebert MultiLink has full event management and displays UPS instrumentation on screen.

Liebert MultiLink software constantly monitors a Liebert UPS, warns computer users of pending power loss, and initiates graceful operating system shutdowns when needed— from single computers to large networks. The software permits configurable responses to UPS status changes, including support for email, pagers, audio and on-screen notification.

  • UPS monitoring software
  • Operates with single computers or large networks
  • Initiates shutdown when needed
  • Supports email, pagers, audio and on-screen notification


  • Full functionality and automated shutdown protection right out of the box — virtually no configuration is required.  - Orderly shutdown on virtually an unlimited number of computer systems.
  • User selectable language interface — English, Canadian French, Latin American Spanish and Simplified Chinese.
  • Quick configuration through the unique event manager matrix — from one screen, configure-specific event actions while maintaining a view of the overall system configuration.

Higher Availability

  • Supports multiple shutdown configurations that incorporate network and serial based shutdown solutions for one or many computer systems.
  • Includes integration to the Liebert OpenComms NIC and Liebert OpenComms Web card interface, advanced action logging, enhanced unattended shutdown configurations and support for three-phase UPS systems.

Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership

  • Using the network to send alarm messages and data can dramatically reduce cable and installation costs.
  • Remote management of distributed Liebert MultiLink systems is also available with the network administration license, enabling any Liebert MultiLink installation on your network to be controlled from one centralized computer for more efficient management of your power protection.

Ideally Suited For

  • Data centers
  • Computer rooms
  • Telecommunications facilities
  • Industrial process control centers
  • Other sensitive electronic applications
Software DownloadsLiebert MultiLink, Automated Shutdown Software (versions 1.5, 3.6 & 3.7)
Compatible Operating Systems:
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/AIX/Linux/Sun Solaris/HP UX/Novell Netware
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