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Stand-by Batteries

In order to choose the best battery for an industrial application, several criteria must be considered beforehand. Our engineers are able to recommend the battery solution that best corresponds to the project not only electrically, but also environmentally and economically.

At the Project Design stage, our pre-sales and sales engineers advise customers on:

  • System design according to the critical level of the loads to be protected
  • Battery technology, type and autonomy, design life
  • Initial necessary investments
  • Maintainability and maintenance costs
  • International rules and regulations
  • Health & Safety requirements
  • Detailed battery calculation and selection
  • Battery bank mechanical design (stand with steps, tiers, cabinet)
  • Necessary air flow within battery room for best fitted ventilation system rating
  • Battery circuit protection
  • Number of cells / blocks
  • Battery capacity needs

At the Project Management stage, our project managers handle the procurement and delivery process of the battery and all related accessories.


  • Shared experience - Benefit from Chloride Industrial Power's experience: more than 100 years in the battery business
  • Recommended battery choice - After a deep analysis of the project's specification, our experts recommend battery type, capacity, ageing factor, design factor, battery room air flow, delivery conditions, storage conditions, etc.
  • Ready-to-use UPS system - Our UPS systems parameters are preset for the battery chosen together with the customer; the voltage levels are configured and the battery protection is appropriately sized so that battery and UPS commissioning can start immediately after installation
  • End of life recycling services
  • Wide choice of batteries from the world’s leading battery manufacturers
  • Battery installation on rack or in cabinet
  • Battery accessories
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