Powermaster JYM-II Insulation Detector


Powermaster JYM-II Insulation Detector

New Generation High Performance Power Supply For The Electric Power Industry

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The Powermaster DC power system is a new generation of power supply products designed to meet the requirements of electric power industry for high reliability and high performance.

The insulation monitor JYM-II is one of the accessories of DC system used in electric power system and it monitors on line the insulation of bus and its subsidiary branches. This instrument can monitor 2 independent buses and is provided with electric capacity compensation function. It is the upgraded product of JYM-I.

  • Can monitor two independent buses, compatible with both 220V and 110V
  • Provided with electric capacity compensation function that ensures the grounding resistance monitoring tolerance
  • Principal and subordinate design structure supporting multi-subsidiary units and maximum 768 subsidiary monitoring branches
  • Embedded power in subsidiary units for operability even from long distance from the principal unit
  • Allows variable alarm settings to adapt to different regions' climate
  • Ability to monitor equal insulation decrease of positive and negative buses
  • Self-test function that makes maintenance convenient
  • EMC compatibility and safety meeting relevant IEC standards
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