Powermaster HD Series Charging Modules


Powermaster HD Series Charging Modules

New Generation High Performance Power Supply For The Electric Power Industry

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The Powermaster DC power system is a new generation of power supply products designed to meet the requirements of electric power industry for high reliability and high performance.

The Powermaster HD Series Charging Module is a 3-series charging module of DC system used in intelligent high-frequency switch power system.


  • Nominal output voltage: 220V
  • Rating output current: 10A


  • Nominal output voltage: 110V
  • Rating output current: 20A
  • Three-phase and three-line voltage input, three-phase current equalization
  • Extremely wide input voltage range (323~475V), high adaptability
  • Unique phase loss power limitation (half-load) output, applicable to wider range
  • Adding the function of failure code display, convenient for failure checking
  • Stepless current limitation that allows high charging current limitation tolerance
  • Adopting advanced soft switch technology. highly efficient and compatible
  • Centralized control by embedded CPU, highly stable and reliable
  • Hot-swappable and online maintenance available
  • Compatible design of both natural/fan cooling: natural cooling when load less than 30% of rating current; fan cooling with temperature control when load more than 30% of rating current.
  • Unit shell made of high-class aluminum alloy
  • EMC compatible and safety meeting with CE standards
Technical Specification
  • Input voltage: 323~475V three-phase and three-line
  • Power factor: >0.92
  • Module efficiency: >93%
  • DC output voltage: 176~286V DC/220V; 88~143V DC/110V
  • Maximum output current: 110% rating output current
  • Output current limitation: 10~110% rating current being adjustable
  • Voltage stabilization tolerance: < (+-) 0.5%
  • Current stabilization tolerance: < (+-) 0.5%
  • Ripple coefficient: <0.05%
  • Exterior dimensions (height x width x length): 257mm x 110mm x 413mm
  • Unit weight: <8.5kg
  • Ambient temperature: -10C ~ +40C

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