PS48600-3/2900 and PS48400-3/2900


PS48600-3/2900 and

High Reliability, High Efficiency, High Performance DC Power System

Through years of research and development and operational experience, Emerson Network Power has developed the PS48600-3/2900 and PS48400-3/2900 DC power systems.

The PS4800600-3/2900 and PS48400-3/2900 DC power systems use digital signal processing (DSP) technology, completely meeting the demands of customers worldwide for high reliability, high efficiency, and high performance.

The high-efficiency, high-reliability, super-low radiation rectifier of the systems is easy to maintain. It also fully meets -48VDC power demands of telecom networks.


  • 2G, 3G mobile base stations
  • Medium exchanges, rural telecom networks and access networks
  • Transmission relay stations
  • Microwave/satellite communications stations
  • Rectifier module adopts DSP technology with efficiency up to 93% and power density of 15.8W/in3
  • In compliance with international standards such as CE and applicable for residential environment
  • Wide input voltage range (85 to 90Vac), adaptable to poor electric power
  • Rectifier module can operate in an environment of 65
  • Rectifier ID identifying function, convenient for customer assets management
  • Digitized current sharing technology with high stability and precision up to 3%
  • Intelligent battery management function that expands lifetime
  • Complete AC, DC and signal port lightning proof
  • Highly intelligent in monitoring and remote control
  • Hot-swap and online maintenance
  • Rectifier module adopts DSP technology power density up to 15.8W/in3
  • Wide input voltage range (85 to 290Vac), adaptable to various grids
  • Front access and space efficient. System can be positioned next to wall
  • Intelligent battery management function that expands lifetime
  • Hot-swap and online maintenance
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