One-Cabinet DC Power System with Integrated AC/DC Distribution Units

The PS24600/75 is a one-cabinet DC power system integrated with AC and DC distribution units, providing up to 600A for +24VDC.

The PS24600/75 DC power system is based on the HD2475-2 rectifier module, which offers high power density, high efficiency, and accurate load sharing between rectifier modules. Systems are monitored and controlled by PSM-A 11 which offers RS232 and dry contact interface, and can connect with modem or PSNA card for remote monitoring.

PS24600/75 is optimized for common fixed line and mobile switch applications. This system offers advanced features including priority load function, intelligent battery monitoring, remote monitoring and low voltage disconnection. This is a suitable choice for installation in region with poor AC regulation. In addition, there is AC surge protection provided in the AC distribution unit.


  • Base Transceiver Stations (BTS)
  • Data Center
  • Medium Telecom Exchanges
  • Provides up to 600A in one cabinet
  • Full current available to +24V
  • Wide input voltage window and enhanced AC surge protection
  • Front access design for easy installation and maintenance
  • Priority load function to support critical load functions
  • LCD display for alarm and components status
  • Optional remote monitor and control
  • Reliable operation in rural environments, where AC conditions are harsh.   
  • Easy to expand because of hot-swap rectifier modules

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