ECM1500 F/H/A


ECM1500 F/H/A Outside Plant


ECMseries outdoor power cabinet integrates Emerson reliable DC power systemand high quality outdoor protection cabinet to provide a reliable total solution for various outdoor communication equipments. These cabinets offer a cost effective solution including climate control unit, distribution, lightning protection, equipment and possible battery chamber. Space is available in cabinet to hold transmission equipment or other rackmount modules.

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  • Variable subrack power supply: standard 19 and 23 subrack power supply can be accommodated in this cabinet.
  • Variable space: The reserved space and the battery compartment space are interchangeable. You can adjust the space according to the actual requirements.
  • Climate control: Three types of Fan cooling, Heater exchanger and Air conditioner. You can select one according to the field conditions, environmental conditions and customer requirements.
  • Structure shape: Total 30 U inside, adjustable for power, customer equipment and battery space.