ECB300FA1 (B1)

Outdoor Battery Cabinet

ECB300FA1(B1) is a high protection class battery cabinet applied with the power system of outdoor BTS. The system integrates the smart temperature control and ventilation system, the heater and the reserved space for batteries. The high protection class cabinet and the smart temperature control ensure reliable operation under adverse outdoor conditions.

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  • Wide range of operating temperature: -10℃ to +45℃ (model for the South: ECB300FA1); -40℃ to +45℃(model for
    the North: ECB300FB1)
  • Battery chamber space: The installation space is reserved for two packs of batteries, and the maximum capacity of each pack can reach 150Ah
  • Convenient maintenance: Full frontaccess
  • Flexible installation: Adaptable to various installation modes, including ground-mounted, r oof platformmounted and tower platform-mounted
  • Protection: IP44 protection class. It can isolate the influences of outdoor adverse conditions and ensure reliable operation
  • Smart ventilation system: Effectively reduces the power consumption of the system
  • Security: Smart access control alarm and solid theft proof component available