Medium DC Power Systems - 24V DC Power

DC Power

Medium DC Power Systems

DC power systems typically used to satisfy moderate-sized power requirements like those for small or remote sites.

One-cabinet DC power system integrated with AC and DC distribution units, providing up to 600A for +24VDC.
Equipped with high efficiency, high reliability, super-low radiation, easy maintenance rectifier. Fully meets -48VDC power demands of medium and large mobile base stations, medium exchanges, transmission relay stations, microwave communications stations and satellite communications stations.
EPC 48120 / 1800-HA (B) outdoor DC power cabinet integrates Emerson outdoor protection cabinet and DC power systemwith reliable performance and outstanding qualities to provide a stable and reliable operating environment for outdoor communication equipment.
ECB300FA1(B1) is a high protection class battery cabinet applied with the power system of outdoor BTS.
ECMseries outdoor power cabinet integrates Emerson reliable DC power systemand high quality outdoor protection cabinet to provide a reliable total solution for various outdoor communication equipments.