NetSure 801


NetSure 801

Multi-Cabinet, High Capacity DC Power System With Up To 6000A for -48 VDC

The NetSure 801 system is based on HD48100-5 rectifier module, which offers high power density, high efficiency, and accurate load sharing between rectifier modules. The system is monitored and controlled by PSM-A, which offers RS232 and dry contact interfaces and can connect via a modem or PSNA card for remote monitoring.

The NetSure 801 is optimized for switching and transmission applications, and a suitable choice for installation in regions with poor AC regulation. In addition, there is an AC surge protection device provided in the AC distribution cabinet.


  • Switch Centers
  • Data Centers
  • Large Fiber Repeaters
  • High Power density, up to 116 kW per cabinet
  • High efficiency, >93%
  • Flexible configurations
  • Top and bottom cable configurations
  • Rectifiers and distribution units can be added in a live cabinet
  • Quick and easy live extension with new cabinets
  • High power density
  • High efficiency
  • High-end controller
  • Quick and easy extensions of a live system
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