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Chloride Power Lan Green, 5 & 7 kVA UPS

Single-phase UPS with maximum efficiency

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Chloride Power Lan Green, available in 5 & 7 kVA, is a unique combination of the most advanced technology with the maximum energy efficiency (97% AC/AC efficiency).

Its digital online technology provides an exclusive set of features for the protection of your load, including pure sinusoidal waveform, zero transfer time, precise output voltage regulation, very high efficiency, etc.   

Chloride Power Lan Green has a detachable connection box in its rear side with a manual/maintenance bypass, which allows maintenance operations (and even unit replacement) without disconnecting the load.

Its robustness, reliability and high MTBF (>130.000 hours according to MIL-HDBK-217 standard) ensure a long-lasting solution, making the most of your investment.

Chloride MopUPS Professional software is bundled with the unit, in addition to other connectivity elements (SNMP slot, RS232 port, volt-free contacts optionally, etc). Moreover, together with Chloride ManageUPS CIO software, Chloride Power Lan Green is a perfect solution for distributed systems and remote locations.

Key Features
  • Digital online technology, unique to Chloride, featuring an exclusive set of features and advantages.
  • Available models at 5 & 7 kVA.
  • Very high AC/AC efficiency (97%).
  • Zero transfer time from mains mode to battery mode.
  • Precise output voltage regulation (+/-5% in mains mode).
  • Pure sinusoidal output waveform in all cases.
  • Automatic static bypass (zero transfer time when switching to bypass).
  • Manual/maintenance bypass allocated in a detachable connection box, which allows maintenance operations and unit replacement without disconnecting the load.
  • Galvanic isolation batteries-load, which protects the load from a possible inverter failure.
  • Input voltage range configurable via technical service software.
  • SNMP slot, RS232 port (for RS232 communication and basic signals) and, optionally, volt-free contacts.
  • Fully compatible with Chloride’s Connectivity Suite. Chloride MopUPS Professional software bundled.
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