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Chloride MP-NET, 20-120 kVA Modular UPS

Scalable, fully modular UPS systems

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A modular UPS that grows with you
The Chloride MP-NET modular UPS can grow, in 20 kVA increments, to match your evolving load requirements (up to a maximum of 480 kVA (460 kVA N+1) with four systems in parallel operation). While it grows power modules can be exchanged between systems to tailor UPS capacity to meet demands, without taking any systems offline.

Scalable for redundancy and extra power capacity.

Plug-in UPS modules
True hot-expansion with plug-in UPS modules.
Lower TCO
Minimize Total Cost of Ownership.

High performance UPS
Supports leading and lagging loads of 0.9, without derating.

Key Features

The Chloride MP-NET UPS has many interesting features:

  • Power rating: 20/40/60/80/100/120 kVA
  • High scalability with possibility of power upgrade whenever necessary, adding or removing modules in the same unit, avoiding system oversizing
  • Output Power Factor up to 0,9
  • Input Power Factor > 0.99 and THDi < 5%
  • High conversion efficiency up to 98% (ECO mode)
  • IGBT double conversion architecture
  • Capability to power leading and lagging loads without derating
  • 300% short circuit current
  • Cold start

Standards and certifications:

  • IEC/EN62040-1-1 (Safety)
  • IEC/EN62040-2 (EMC)
  • IEC/EN62040-3 (Performance requirements and test methods)
  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 compliance (i.e. Certification FM11043 issued by BSI for Chloride Spa)
  • UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 compliance (i.e. Certification FM11043 issued by BSI for Chloride Spa)
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