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Chloride Linear Plus-T, 6 & 10 kVA UPS
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The Chloride Linear Plus-T gives excellent performance through the combination of maximum flexibility and reduced weight and dimensions. In addition an output transformer installed inside the cabinet makes it possible to adjust the nominal output voltage to 120/208/240V.

The Chloride Linear Plus family offers the most efficient all-round protection against all types of disturbances and problems in the mains supply system and the security of a truly redundant parallel system, providing the highest degree of reliability for mission critical loads and applications. Compatible with Chloride’s real-time remote monitoring and diagnostic tool,

Key Features

The Chloride Linear Plus-T offers the following outstanding features:

  • Rectifier complete with active PFC (Power Factor Correction) mode.
  • IGBT inverter, controlled by DSP (Digital Signal Processor).
  • Parallel connection of up to three Chloride Linear Plus-T units of the same rating.
  • Chloride Linear Plus-T 10kVA provides either single-phase or three-phase input and single-phase output configuration, obtainable via auto-selection.
  • Integral maintenance-free, sealed lead acid batteries.
  • Automatic monthly battery testing.
  • Extremely user-friendly LCD graphic display interface in seven languages.
  • Fully compatible Chloride’s remote monitoring and  diagnostic tool, LIFE.net.
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