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Chloride 60-NET, 10-20 kVA UPS

Cost-effective UPS systems

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Chloride 60-NET delivers an excellent integrated autonomy, reduced footprint and optimum input and output performances, guaranteeing reliable and flexible power by adapting its performances to meet individual load requirements.

This UPS ensures full load protection by combining software solutions, parallel redundancy, safety and disconnecting devices, system bypass switches, and communication solutions, to deliver reliable high-quality AC power.

Chloride 60-NET is flexible enough to meet any power, redundancy, harmonic control and battery backup time requirements and is fully compatible with Chloride’s real-time remote monitoring and diagnostic tool, 

Key Features
  • Intelligent Double Conversion, allowing users to select from two operational modes:

    • Double Conversion - reducing upstream network disturbances to a minimum, therefore being the most efficient load protection barrier.
    • Digital Interactive - allowing significant energy savings as a result of extremely high power conversion efficiency.
  • IGBT transformer-free inverter, controlled by a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for maximum installation compatibility
  • Minimised footprint
  • Integrated backup time up to 30 minutes
  • Modular drawer-design for easy installation and optimised service intervention
  • Integrated parallel board, able to connect up to 8 units in parallel for maximum flexibility (no parallel kit required)
  • compatibility, enabling remote diagnosis of UPS condition in real time 24/7.
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