Trinergy UPS

Trinergy UPS 

On-line UPS

This transformerless, modular, on-line UPS supports high power data center loads with three levels of dynamic Energy Optimization Modes, providing up to 99% energy efficiency depending on incoming power quality. The UPS also offers three dimensions of modularity - internal module redundancy, horizontal scalable capacity, and paralleling for capacity.

The Trinergy UPS system will consist of two 200 kVA/kW power cores, supported by a 400kVA/kW I/O cabinet with optional internal maintenance bypass. Up to 8 systems may be paralleled for capacity or redundancy, for a capacity of up to 3.2MW. The systems are 415/240V, 60 Hz.

  • Transformerless UPS protection for medium and large facilities
  • Three efficiency modes, with industry's highest efficiency - up to 99%
  • Three levels of modularity, for growth and redundancy


  • Parallel up to 8 systems for capacity or redundancy -- up to 3.2MW.
  • Three levels of modularity allow for growth and customization to fit site needs.

Higher Availability

  • Circular redundancy ensures that modules work at maximum efficiency, while maintaining system reliability.
  • UL listing on UPS, battery cabinets and options cabinets.
  • Maintenance by the Liebert Services local, factory-trained Customer Engineers promotes proper operation and longer service life for UPS and batteries.

Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership

  • Three operating modes ensure maximized efficiency, up to 99%, based on incoming power conditions.
  • Unity power factor design (kW = kVA) is optimized for today’s high power factor loads.
  • Operates at 415/240V, for greater efficiency.

Ideally Suited For

  • Enterprise data centers
  • Industrial process equipment
  • Laboratories
  • Any application requiring high levels of power availability and computer-grade power quality

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