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Large Facility Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and backup power systems to protect large data centers, as well as facility-wide protection for sensitive electronics. Redundant configurations and dual bus capabilities ensure continuous operation for critical systems.

Available in 250 - 800 kVA, flexible and reliable, with high conversion efficiency, the Chloride 90-NET provides the ideal secure power solution.
One of our best-selling products, the Chloride 80-NET UPS system has been leading the market in performance and efficiency for several years. With proven reliability and operational value this UPS system is a true market leader and with its recent upgrade its popularity is set to increase further.
Outdoor UPS system is ideal outdoor telecom/network equipment.
This transformerless, modular, on-line UPS supports high power data center loads with three levels of dynamic Energy Optimization Modes, providing up to 99% energy efficiency depending on incoming power quality. The UPS also offers three dimensions of modularity - internal module redundancy, horizontal scalable capacity, and paralleling for capacity.
Preventing battery failure is essential for delivering maximum availability. Liebert products incorporate Alber technology to extend battery life, reduce maintenance cost and increase safety.