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Chloride 90-NET, 250-800 kVA UPS

Ultra-reliable UPS systems

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The Chloride 90-NET family guarantees reliability, power and flexibility under the most difficult conditions and for a wide range of mission critical applications such as finance, health, transportation, telecommunications, e-commerce and data centers.

Chloride’s digital vector control system enables the Chloride 90-NET to eliminate, in real time, all overloads, frequency variations, transient disturbances, brief interruptions and black-outs. This UPS family uses modern digital technology specifically related to power supply protection, with intelligent double conversion configuration and is fully compatible with Chloride’s real-time remote monitoring and diagnostic tool, LIFE.net.

Key Features
  • Intelligent double conversion technology, allowing the UPS to operate in double conversion mode or in digital interactive mode, according to the selected priority.
  • Vector control technology, giving the advantage of controlling in real time the inverter electronics and, thus improving the performances of the power components.
  • Available in single units up to 800 kVA, with the option of placing up to eight units in parallel with 6.4 MVA.
  • Fully compatible with Chloride’s real-time remote monitoring and diagnostic tool LIFE.net.
  • Can be integrated with the Chloride CROSS static transfer switch.
  • Input THD can be reduced thanks to the 12 pulse version with THD filter.
  • The PFC (Power Factor Correction) mode, allows the dynamic optimization of the input power factor.
  • User-friendly LCD graphic display front panel with eight languages offers complete UPS monitoring and control.
  • Advanced battery care.
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