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Chloride Desk Power,300-650 VA UPS 230V

Compact single-phase UPS

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The Chloride Desk Power family is available in 300, 500 and 650 VA and represents the most compact UPS product solution in the marketplace.

Its reduced size and weight allows easy integration into office environments. It can be placed virtually anywhere.

Chloride Desk Power comes with both RS232 and USB ports for flexible interaction between the UPS and the protected systems. In addition, it offers data line protection, securing internet and LAN connections.   

Chloride Desk Power is fully compatible with Chloride’s Connectivity Solutions Suite. Chloride MopUPS Express software can be downloaded from the web for a safe system shutdown and UPS monitoring.


Key Features
  • Off-Line technology for a basic level of protection with high energy efficiency.
  • Available models at 300, 500 and 650 VA.
  • Reduced size and weight for easy handling and integration into office environments with no disruption to customer premises.
  • Both RS232 and USB port integrated in the units.
  • Data line protection for Internet and LAN connections.
  • Suited for computer switching power supplies.
  • One surge protected output connector and two or three (depending on model) output connectors with battery backup.
  • Auto-selection of nominal frequency 50/60 Hz.
  • Natural cooling (no fans) for power protection without noise.
  • Versions at 120 V available.
  • Fully compatible with Chloride’s Connectivity Suite.
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