Liebert Case Study -Sarasota County


Sarasota County

Sarasota County IT professionals realized they could cut costs and trim the operating budget by consolidating existing data center spaces into a new facility and shrinking the footprint. The new facility needed to deliver scalable capacity and efficient operation throughout the lifecycle of the data center, while assuring continuous operation of government functions.

Case Summary
Location: Sarasota County, FL.


Room-based infrastructure design aligned with the SmartDesign™ approach, which simplifies data center design by applying power, cooling and monitoring technologies from Emerson Network Power to create an integrated, highly efficient infrastructure. Sarasota County’s SmartDesign infrastructure includes:

  • Liebert DS Precision Cooling Systems
  • Liebert Series 610 UPS Systems
  • Liebert FPC Power Conditioning and Distribution Cabinets
  • Liebert SiteScan Monitoring Software
  • Alber Battery Monitoring System
  • Avocent KVM Switches with DSView Management Software

Critical Needs
A data center design that would effectively and efficiently use the technologies and best practices available today to provide high availability, scalable capacity and efficient operation.


  • Reduced data center equipment by 20 percent through an intelligent, integrated design approach that optimized efficiency, capacity and availability.
  • Minimized IT footprint by incorporating server virtualization along with innovative power and cooling technologies.
  • Eliminated additional single points of failure through use of a comprehensive N+1 power design
  • Reduced cooling costs by directing all cooling units to work together, dynamically balancing and eliminating conflicts.

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A leader in innovative environmental management and sustainable living, the County of Sarasota lies in the middle of Florida’s western coast, 60 miles south of Tampa Bay. The county government serves a population of more than 379,000 residents.

To maximize the return air temperature at the cooling units, Sarasota County adopted an airflow management strategy that included placing all cabling overhead and raising all electrical cables off the floor in tray systems, to maximize airflow.