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Transmission & Distribution

In Transmission and Distribution, UPS are mainly used for the following 3 applications:

  • Switchgear: DC UPS systems supply power to the coils of switchgears. In this case, high availability is key for the systems. It is advised to choose a thyristors rectifying technology in order to keep MTBF at the highest level possible. The battery sizing and the battery charger rating are selected to deliver 10 hours battery autonomy and a maximum of 8 to 12 hours recharge time.
  • Telecommunication: DC UPS systems supply power to the telecommunication devices of the remote substation. Again, reliability is key as all the information is transmitted via Power lines and must always be available to the main control centre.
  • Control system: AC UPS systems supply power to the SCADA system of the substation. Single phase AC UPS are usually selected with 30 minutes to 2 hours autonomy for this application and must include isolating transformers.

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