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Control Room Solution

Emerson Network Power's Avocent’s Control Room Solution is designed for desktop administrators who need to physically separate the computer from the user without adversely affecting worker productivity. Deployed over your LAN, it offers point-to-point, IP-routable extension at gigabit Ethernet rates. It also supports a comprehensive range of peripherals including DVI-1 video, CD audio, USB mass storage, keyboard and mouse and other USB devices.

Now you can physically separate workers from computers (without them feeling like it).

Whether you need to offer greater flexibility in multiple processor access, get tighter control over your various IT components or simply answer a need to centralize all your hardware in one place, Avocent’s Control Room Solution is at the ready.

No Distance Limitation – Since the solution is built on TCP/IP over the LAN, even the highest quality video experience is not affected by distance.

Improved Access to Best Computing Power – Users with the highest computing needs can be reallocated to the latest machines thereby ensuring that they gain from the newest hardware performance in high-powered applications.

AV Quality Maintained – CD-quality audio is transported from the computer to the user with no loss in quality. Able to extend 1920 x1200 DVI.

USB Support – Allows standard USB keyboard and mouse peripherals to be extended from the computer over the network to the remote user, without the use of any computer drivers or software.

Improved Security and Virus Controls – The computers are situated remotely from the user, so the computer hardware and the data stored is more secure. Plus, the introduction of virus-infected files is more difficult and eliminates dependence on adherence to software policies.

Standard Infrastructure – The solution uses all the existing desktop skills in the IT group and does not need new infrastructure, as is the case with Thin Client.

Control Room Solution Products

The HMX digital appliance is part of the HMX matrix switching solution, an ideal solution for physical separation of computers from users.

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