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Asset Management Solution

Emerson Network Power's Avocent Asset Management Solution gives you the insights needed to keep pace with any direction the organization pulls your physical IT infrastructure. By making readily accessible and interpretable all of you asset data, presented through an extensive, browser-based interface, you and your staff can make informed decisions, plan more effectively and efficiently execute and report on critical activity.

The power to know, manage and plan asset utilization—from a server on a data center rack to a PC on a desk in accounting.
Built from a natural pairing of two highly-regarded tools, this comprehensive IT infrastructure asset management solution is ready to help you:

KNOW – With the authority you need to command all your assets
  • Enables discovery, validation, reconciliation and aggregation of data from multiple heterogeneous sources into a central asset repository
  • Quickly assess the “state of IT,” with information such as power and HVAC utilization

MANAGE – With the facts you need to reduce risk
  • Proactively manage compliance with tracking of operational, financial and contractual aspects of each IT asset
  • Actually see how an asset is working (or not) and see whatever is being displayed by currently running programs

PLAN – With the foresight you need to visualize “what if”
  • Keep track of and manage relationships between assets and dependent data, including the transition between lifecycle stages
  • Virtually move and alter data center layouts from the floor to the rack to the individual component, then see what effects those changes have

Asset Management Solution Products

DSView 3 Power Manager Software adds power monitoring and reporting capability to the access and control functions of DSView 3 software.
The power of actually seeing IT. Visual modeling that delivers real-time insight, so you can simply plan and manage your data center.

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