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​​The most successful enterprises in the digital economy, companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook, regard their data centers as strategic assets to realize an enormous competitive advantage. This white paper shares some of the insights we have gathered about the ways successful companies use data centers to give them a strategic advantage and how you can do the same in your data center.
Effective management of IT infrastructure requires an integrated approach for monitoring and administering all hardware, software and environmental platform elements.
Better understand and manage your power consumption with these simple tips.

The economics and efficiencies of the world’s largest cloud and hosting service providers are an aspiration for some in enterprise IT — but a bludgeon for others. If you fall into the latter category, the capabilities of these digital giants seem like a nagging reminder that you will never match their efficiencies and should just fold up your data centers and dump all your workloads into the “cloud.” If you feel this way, cheer up. Forrester interviewed many of the leading web, cloud and hosting providers and uncovered five key lessons enterprise IT can apply within its own environments. While you do not have their scale of purchasing power, IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals can benefit by adopting their approach to infrastructure architecture and operational process. From standardization to automation, I&O professionals should use this report to learn and adopt valuable practices from the digital giants that operate IT infrastructure at scale.

Potential security flaws in the Baseboard Management Controllers (BMCs), also known as service processors, and the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) protocol have been exposed by recent analyst studies.

Faced with rapidly expanding requirements for increased reliability and cost-effectiveness in IT services, today’s enterprise IT Operations are challenged with increasingly complex data center infrastructures. Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) delivers key capabilities necessary to transition to more efficient and effective IT service and systems management by delivering automated monitoring and management support that enhance service delivery at every stage in the maturity of an IT infrastructure.

While cloud computing offers a number of long-term benefits over traditional, distributed computing architectures, enterprises should not discount the significant risks. Understanding that business-critical applications and data have made network infrastructures more vital than ever, enterprises can take steps now to optimize their data center infrastructures before experimenting with cloud computing.
Best Practices in Power Management: From Desktop to Data Center
VIRTUAL MEDIA: Optimizing the Efficiency and Security of Data Center Operations
A Guide to Secure, Consolidated Remote Server Management
Today’s data centers are no longer just an enabler to the business; they can often provide corporations with competitive advantages and are the underpinnings to corporate success.
The Avocent ACS advanced console server offers the most feature-rich set of capabilities in modern console servers. The ACS console server provides the scalability, reliability and security a company requires to control and manage servers and other networked devices.
Organizations must secure systems remotely without compromising the computing experience, hampering administration or adding unnecessary costs.
Enterprise Management Associates® (EMA™) analysts explore a pragmatic view of data center management in order to deliver the best practices in real-world data centers for over-arching management solutions.
The following paper discusses the considerations that need to be made while choosing the appropriate power distribution products at the rack level. Interestingly enough, several of these considerations also help data center operators manage and control the largest portion of data center power consumption, which are the actual IT loads.
Getting a handle on power means installing tools that help you not only measure consumption but also right-size your electrical infrastructure and increase uptime.
Virtualization technology offers cost savings through server consolidation and increased efficiency–but only if your IT staff can meet the management challenges it presents.
How IPMI can help you better manage more infrastructure with fewer resources.
Cloud computing implementations have the potential to drive significant improvements in operational efficiency and reductions in operational expenditures.
In this Enterprise Management Associates® (EMATM) white paper, EMA expands its popular IT Management Maturity Model into a Prescriptive Model that provides actionable steps for optimizing Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM).
Best Practices to Control Your Data Center
A market position paper from the experts in secure KVM switching.
Challenges and solutions for centralized remote office management.
So how secure is a secure KVM switch? It depends less on the device and more on how the specifications in its PP, ST, and Validation Report align with an agency’s needs, policies, technology, and requirements.
A practical guide to VMWARE ownwership.
Technology: Manage IT Assets and Power Consumption to Control Complexity
Best Practices in Data Center Power Management
The U.S. Government, other country governments and commercial customers have mandated IPv6 compliance for all network equipment (and software applications where applicable).
As we look out into future of the IT infrastructure landscape, it is becoming ever clearer that we are reinventing our past. The legacy of the IT industry took shape around the concepts of centralized computing, in which the computing intelligence was warehoused in a consolidated fashion in data centers filled with mainframes, and the user was relegated to the large “green screen” entry terminals where the data was entered at the desk but stored back in the data center.
Hub and spoke failover architecture, virtual media, exit macros and other security elements you should insiston in a KVM over IP switching system for your health care network.
In this report, ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™) analysts examine how the Avocent solution tackles these vital demands of healthcare IT. Avocent provides a single, centralized resource for managing a wide range of IT environments, with out-of-band access capabilities that expand assurance of always-on availability and compliance-supporting security and resilience built in.
The Facts About KVM over IP, Bandwidth and Video
Achieving Data Center Optimization with Visual Modeling
Out-of-control data centers that lack reliability and proper security often result in systemic instances of lost productivity and operational cost overruns. By proactively enabling services for controlling access to the infrastructure and monitoring for activity, management decisions can be made to improve data center services that more effectively meet organizational requirements.