Data Center

Data centers must meet stringent SLAs, keep data and equipment protected at all times—and do it all at the lowest possible cost. With the innovative Avocent® solutions, you can achieve the level of availability the business demands and effectively secure your assets while substantially reducing costs.

  • Centralized Infrastructure

    Optimize data center and remote site operations with our unique ability to deliver comprehensive and consolidated access, monitoring, diagnosis and provisioning from a central location—regardless of device type, vendor, platform or location.

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  • Lights-Out Data Center

    Built to exceed industry security standards, Avocent® solutions make the lights-out data center a reality, providing secure remote, real-time access to every device in every location.

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  • Industry Leading Mean Time to Repair

    Drive downtime to its lowest level with the advanced ability to remotely access, monitor, diagnose and remedy problems.

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Control Room

Every enterprise needs its control room to deliver computing resources with the greatest reliability and efficiency. Avocent® solutions offer extraordinary flexibility to maximize availability and provide the highest quality experience to administrators and end users—all while reduce operating and capital costs.

  • Network Operations Center

    Everyone wants to minimize downtime, and remote management tools applied in network operations centers (NOCs) provide streamlined, reliable and efficient diagnostics and resolution. Operators can quickly switch between devices through a remote desktop connection with only a few keystrokes, providing immediate and secure access to systems.

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  • Stadium Operations Center

    Imagine the high-cost of an error when televising a high-profile sporting event. A stadium operations center relies on instant control and redundant access to all systems. Troubleshooting needs to happen from a central location in mere seconds. Avocent®’s remote management solutions provides this access, giving your operators everything they need from their desk.

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  • Security Operations Center

    Security operations centers (SOC) need rapid, controlled access to all of the systems that are essential to business operations. With the Avocent® secure remote management, SOC administrators can efficiently manage all devices from their desks, remotely accessing, monitoring, diagnosing and provisioning down to the hardware level regardless of device type, vendor or location.

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  • Broadcast Control Center

    In a broadcast control center, operators require the highest quality access to multiple resources and must be able to share those same resources between work stations. A broadcast KVM switch allows you to share resources and enhance collaboration while maintaining a high user experience.

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  • Test Lab

    Remote management through a high performance KVM can speed up hardware design and testing for a test lab. Establishing a centralized infrastructure with remote management enables users to access prototypes while still maintaining physical security.

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Make Your Desktops as Secure as Your Network

Avocent® desktop solutions make it easy to tightly control how users access computers, yet deliver a transparent, uncluttered environment that improves productivity and lowers costs.

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