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Partial Discharge Testing

Protect your most valuable assets.

Partial discharges are small electrical sparks that occur within the insulation of medium- and high-voltage electrical assets. Each discrete partial discharge is the result of an electrical breakdown of an air pocket within the insulation. These discharges erode insulation, and eventually result in insulation failure.

Emerson’s partial discharge testing and monitoring solutions include both online and offline testing, as well as periodic and continuous monitoring of your electrical assets. Data obtained through testing and monitoring provides critical information on the quality of your insulation and its impact on overall equipment health. Plus, because partial discharge activity is often present well in advance of insulation failure, you can identify premature failures, and capture baseline data to trend asset health over the life cycle to ensure maximum return on investment.


  • Eliminate unplanned outages and lost profit due to system downtime
  • Reduce maintenance costs by extending time between planned outages
  • Increase availability and operating efficiency through greater system reliability
  • Improve risk management and reduce catastrophic failures
  • Improve worker safety

Emerson's integrated Partial Discharge Testing and Monitoring solutions include both online and offline testing as well as periodic and continuous monitoring of your electrical assets. Depending on your specific operating requirements and application, Emerson can customize a program to best fit your needs. Choose from the following solutions:

  • Online Partial Discharge Testing
    • Handheld Survey
    • Periodic Partial Discharge Testing
    • Continuous Online Monitoring
  • Ultrasonics
  • Offline Partial Discharge Testing
  • Tan-Delta
  • Very Low Frequency Testing (VLF)