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Avocent Professional Services Deployment Programs

Installing and deploying your IT assets in an efficient, effective and productive manner can help maximize your return on investment. Avocent provides a comprehensive range of deployment services for planned installation of your purchased equipment, and extended assistance to fine-tune your system configuration. Our deployment programs provide you with the expert knowledge and resources to reduce your installation and implementation time. Key benefits of these programs include:

  • Avocent expertise – Dramatically reduce risk of installation error.
  • Minimize disruption – Minimize disruption to your business by using proven methodologies and best practices to speed up the installation process.
  • Free up internal resources – Let Avocent handle the installation for you. Use your resources where they are most needed, supporting your IT strategic business requirements.
  • Return on investment – The combination of benefits can help you realize the full potential of your Avocent solution and maximize your return on investment.

Our deployment program process includes a Statement of Work (SOW), developed as a collaborative effort between Avocent and the customer, which describes the specific tasks, scope of work, and deliverables for each project.

Current Programs

Site Survey
Avocent provides planning services that include asset and configuration documentation as well as suggestions for improving operating efficiency when appropriate.

Remote configuration and support for installations
Online delivery of configuration settings and pre-scheduled telephone support for installations. This service is intended for customers that have physically installed the Avocent products and need assistance in configuring the products to their environment.

On-site physical installation of newly purchased Avocent equipment. Configuration of network parameters, local devices, software installation and configuration of administrative and server parameters tailored for optimum performance within your environment.

Custom Implementation

  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Re-installation
  • De-installation
  • Migration
  • Integration

Install the latest version of DSView™ 3 management software and/or product firmware. Integrate the DSView™ 3 software solution with your existing applications using Avocent's Software Development Kit (SDK), click here for details.

Concurrent training

On-site hands-on training is available to show you how to maximize the potential of your newly implemented Avocent solution.

For more information
For more information and assistance on implementation and installation services please contact your local Avocent representative or click here.

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