Knowledge Transfer | DCIM Services | Emerson Network Power


Knowledge Transfer

    Emerson Network Power’s Avocent Professional Services provides the following with DCIM Knowledge Transfer Services:

    • Qualified technical instructor(s)
    • Student access to remote lab software and/or hardware
    • Student course materials to include lab exercises and examinations

    We  will also perform informal knowledge transfers, during which we will allow access to the system as part of the knowledge transfer.

    • Trellis Application Knowledge Transfer
      • Adding Users & Assigning Roles
      • Requesting and downloading Symbols/Elements
    • Inventory Knowledge Transfer
      • Running/Filtering Inventory Manager reports
      • Locating Device in Inventory
      • View and Edit Device Properties
      • Using Colorization
    • Change Planner Knowledge Transfer
      • Defining and Viewing Project Tasks
    • Site Manager Knowledge Transfer
      • Placing a Device in Maintenance Mode
      • Defining /modifying monitoring intervals and thresholds
      • Defining/modifying notifications
      • Enabling monitoring for an existing Tier 2 Model (if applicable)
    • Energy Insight Knowledge Transfer
      • Accessing PUE/DCIE Dashboard
      • Modifying settings for PUE level, sampling frequency, and averaging period
      • Adding/Removing devices to the Total Facility Load and Total IT Load groups