Health-Check | DCIM Services | Emerson Network Power



    DCIM Triage Services from Emerson Network Power, provide a proven, reliable and proactive capacity to monitor the health and status of complex power / cooling  infrastructure.

    DCIM Triage Services can manage conditions ranging from simple alarm notification to enterprise wide escalation planning and execution; with average response of 1.67 hour.

    • Proactive Remote Monitoring – using advanced communications, this service monitors complex power / cooling infrastructure in real-time. The connection is secure and guaranteed through to monitoring centers staffed 24/7.
    • Dynamic Cooling Assessment – this service optimizes cooling effectiveness and efficiency with current environmental data. Using state of the art measurement and data collection, the service continuously collects and analyzes information to manage change and maintain an optimum data center environment.
    • Incident Management Triage –Incident Management Triage is central to levering monitor and response activities of complex power / cooling infrastructure; providing critical support activity prioritized and dispatched by availability best practices.
    • Emergency Response – this service provides the superior response for mission-critical sites. Over 80% of calls are resolved in minutes over the phone and onsite response time averages 1.67 hours.
    • Equipment Repair – this 24/7 service ensures a quick, safe and reliable return to operation. Domain expertise provides troubleshooting, damage assessment, inspection & testing as well as equipment repair/recondition or replacement.